Sunday, 12 April 2020



At the office today checking out music for your delectation......

Lets go, another 6 random cds stuck on various publications

and track 6 of course

Paste Magazine
The Paste Magazine Sampler 38

Jens Lekman The Opposite Of Hallelujah

Nice song

Iranian Underground

This is as good as anything else on this sampler
sort of understand why its underground.

Haarnick Shaho Dayereh (King And Circle)

The Wire
The Wire Tapper 24

FaravelliRatti Raise Your Voice

Oh God experimental music, about one minute in an alien tries to make contact

Mail on Sunday
Memory almost full

Paul McCartney Mr Bellamy

Why talented people give albums away to this tp is beyond me but its an ok cd

The Guardian
FCD (for reasons of probably being up there own arse none of these Free Compact Discs are  numbered, this is why Liberals keep losing)

Basement Jaxx  Rendez-Vu

This lot are so so boring I imagine the video would feature black people dancing in the 30`s and flappers.. shit

Track 7 is good though

Banco De Gaia   Tongue In Chic

Feed Your Head

Donovan Sunny Goodge Street

This cd is a cracker so we will have a second bonus song

Harry The Hipster Gibson Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs Murphy`s Ovaltine?

Goodnight and Goodluck

Love Jules

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