Saturday, 24 December 2016


A Message From Santa Claus

Popped into the local alehouse for a stiffener before I started my duties to bring cheer to the poor and needy, but what I beheld shocked me to the core....

It was full of knotted scarfed middle class twats with their snotty nosed Tabithas and Thoms saying "I`ll take three hot chocolates and two mulled wines " while playing with their sodding smart phones and then sitting infront of the real log  fire so no one else can see or feel it.

And then they insist " A Fairy Tale Of New York" is the BEST Christmas song ever;


.Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Saint Nicholas 

As I told you before the Best Chistmas song is

Belshazzar`s Feast  Hampshire Mummers Song

Happy Christmas  Jules

Friday, 23 December 2016


Welcome to Black*  Friday

Poly Styrene Black Christmas

Lets lighten the tone a bit

Marvin Gaye Purple Snowflakes

And to end with dear friends

 Darlene Love White Christmas


*Black Friday is also known as Spew Friday, Vomit Friday even F*ckwit Friday plus a few more; if like myself you keep the wolf from the door by selling booze  to festive folk.


Thursday, 22 December 2016


Some indie cheer

Belle And Sebastian Are You Coming Over For Christmas

Belle And Sebastian O Come O Come Emmanual

Lets finish with a Peel session ( This is sodding  brilliant, trust me )

Belle And Sebastian  O Little Town Of Bethlehem


Thursday, 24 November 2016


England Never Closed That Gap

What a bummer

   but wait 

The Minimum Wage is going up to ....


We Found Money Karneef

Money Changes Everything Aidan John Moffat

What can go wrong?

Fuck No passport (cant afford to go on holiday)

Fuck No driving licence (no car)

Fuck No NHS (because I have no ID) 

Sick The Twilight Sad


Good Luck and Goodnight 



How long will it take my minimum wage increase ( if I put aside, net tax and NI ) to buy a passport so I can go to a doctor if I get ill?

Thursday, 20 October 2016


As I was saying

Had a rest for a bit

So so so indie arty wanky, hey whats not to like

The Forest Awakes Saint Vincent and David Byrne

This is very good from an Oxford American cd

Awake Smoke

Now this is fucking odd

I mean Fucking Odd ...... my mate came to tell me that he has just bought a pair of nice Bluetooth headphones (while I am trying  sort out this shit) because he had downloaded a John McLaughlin album

OK I do this stuff in the pub but it was suprising

Awakening   John McLaughlin & Mahavishnu Orchestra

Good Night and Good Luck


Tuesday, 17 May 2016




THAT ...ER....WHAT ?????


 A tad harsh but thats folkies for you


Dolly Parton Blowing In The Wind


Jimi Hendrix Experience Like A Rolling Stone

What would the sad old folkies thought of 

Bob Dylan / K`naan Don`t Think Twice (Messengers Remix)

At least nothing else shocking has occurred there

Black Grape Pretty Vacant

Chin Chin catch you later


Thursday, 12 May 2016


Sir Thomas Beecham famously once said to a women in the cello section

"You have between your legs the most sensitive instrument known to man, and all you can do is to sit there and scratch it."

A tad rude it has to be said, but still funny ( well if your a sad celibate old git with no social graces like me ) ...where was I? Oh yes Nick Drake of course. 

Nick Drake Cello Song

The Books & Jose Gonzales Cello Song

The Walkabouts Cello Song

The first time I had ever knowingly heard a Nick Drake song was from a cover mount CD on an issue of UNCUT god knows how long ago.

Hell how good is this now   musically and lyrically.


One Of These Things First

I could have been a sailor
Could have been a cook
A real live lover
Could have been a book
I could have been a signpost
Could have been a clock
As simple as a kettle
Steady as a rock
I could be
Here and now
I would be, I should be
But how?
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been your pillar
Could have been your door
I could have stayed beside you
Could have stayed for more
I could have been your statue
Could have been your friend
A whole long lifetime
Could have been the end
I could be
Yours so true
I would be
I should be
Through and through
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been a whistle
Could have been a flute
A real live giver
Could have been a boot
I could have been a signpost
Could have been a clock
As simple as a kettle
Steady as a rock
I could be
Even here
I would be, I should be
So near
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first

Nick Drake One Of These Things First

Er... thats it

Goodnight and Goodluck

Love Jules

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Cracking Result

Our capitol has shown us in a great light.This result is so positive it makes one love how great multiculturalism has made this a great place to be, 

Noel Coward London Pride

Good to see the losing candidates from Britain First turning to Mecca to show respect....

Oh and as for Zac,  even the vile Katie Hopkins thought his campaign was a fucking disgrace. How could that happen?

Warren Zevon Werewolves Of London

Love Jules


Saturday, 30 April 2016


The Dexys Have A New Album Coming Soon

This version of a classic is so so so brilliant just keep it on loop

Dexys Both Sides Now

Click here for good stuff and stuff

It reminds one of the masterpiece that was My Beauty

OK we know the sleeve caused problems for some knuckle dragging retards ( Fuck them )
but this such a great album, not a duffer on it

This is a cracker

Kevin Rowlands Its Getting Better

So is the original

Mama Cass Its Getting Better

Oh Shit nearly forgot the best rendition of the Mitchell classic

Leonard Nimoy Both Sides Now

Live Long And Prosper

Love Jules

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Boys On Film

Will Smith was in a couple of great/shit/dumb comedy scfi films back in the day that had  one thing in common....

The Promo Music Video

And these two are just great fun

The source material is much much better

Men In Black

Makes you want to run down to BLOCKBUSTERS and  rent a VHS

Patrice Rushen Forget Me Nots 

Wild Wild West

Need to click the link below to see the vid

If you can be bothered you will enjoy a great cameo by

Stevie Wonder I Wish

One last what track could link William And Smith?

The Smiths William It Was Really Nothing

Thats it 

Goodnight and Goodluck


Friday, 15 April 2016


Who Are You?
we are
The Bitchin Bajas

Sadly not a clue considering they have been all over the media for the last few years,  but good old Will Oldham has dragged me in.....

.....Yep its another collaboration

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy May Your Life Throw You A Pleasant Curve

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy Show Your Love And Your Love Will Be Returned

And from the Shirlely Collins tribute album

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy Pretty Saro (Trad)

And hey, why not have some of thier own stuff

Bitchin Bajas Bueu

Bitchin Bajas Marimba

And so to bed

but not without a Mariah Carey cover 

Will Oldham Can`t Take That Away

Goodnight and Good luck

Love Jules

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Alphabet Soup


A year ago I was doing some alphabetical stuff but for reasons beyond my control (alcohol and sadly some meningitis related childhood brain damage) I aint that organised


Oh Shit this is great but goes bonkers at the end

Jackie Leven & Ian Rankin Irresistible Romance

J.Period & K`Naan Johnny Was

Get the whole shit here The Messengers

John Prine Lake Marie

Another lost great

Jesse Winchester Mississippi Your`e On My Mind

Jeffery Broussand And The Creole Cowboys Motordude Special

Joe Henry Our Song

John Cale Paris 1919

Junior Murvin Police & Thieves

Josh Rouse Quiet Town

Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer Redemption Song

Joe Strummer Road To Rock `N` Roll

Johnny Clegg Scatterlings Of Africa

Ah Hell these are all classics

Just enjoy

Love Jules

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Must Keep Up With The Obituaries

George Martin R.I.P.

1963 was a very important historical milestone for many reasons..

J F Kennedy  assassination

Martin Luther Kings "I have a dream" 

and of course

The Beatles

The Dream Academy Life In A Northern Town

Jesse Winchester Ghosts

New Order 1963

A small demonstration of how important Martin was

The source of all information ......

Lennon wanted the track to have a "carnival atmosphere", and told producer George Martin that he wanted "to smell the sawdust on the floor." In the middle eight bars, multiple recordings of fairground organs and calliope music were spliced together to attempt to produce this request. In a 1968 interview, Martin recalled that he achieved "this by playing the Hammond organ myself and speeding it up." After a great deal of unsuccessful experimentation, Martin instructed recording engineer Geoff Emerick to chop the tape into pieces with scissors, throw them up in the air, and re-assemble them at random.

Oh yes!  he was ahead of  Eno by a  country mile

Mind you......

Love Jules