Thursday, 29 May 2014

In The Event Of Something Happening To Me

There Is Something I Would Like You All To See

And Hear


Yes here we go alphabetically  trawling through my top rated playlist again

Ian King Death & The Lady

Not that certain why this version is here, aint  that good but hey ho
Ian McCulloch Suzanne

Ibrahim Ferrer Que Bueno Baila Usted

I'm certain they do love it and good luck to them
Icona Pop I Love It (featuring Charli XCX)

I`m from the Isle of Wight but its best not to go on about it too much.
I`m From Barcelona We`re From Barcelona

When I checked out the You Tube clip the pop up ad was for showers for the elderly; fucking demographic modeling.
Imagination Just An Illusion

Nope, not a clue
Iman Who Was I Trying To Fool?

Went to Wikipedia to save you the time
 "...........singer..........Irish...........Billie Holliday.......vegetarian...."
Imelda May Tainted Love

Nice Indie Pop
Ingrid Michaelson Maybe

Another Clash mash up
Instamatic Spanish Bombs (Over Baghdad)

Bloody students, bet they didn't have tuition fees to worry about.  
Isley Brothers Ohio - Machine Gun

 Judy Singing for the troops

Isreal Kamakawiwo`ole Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

Good folky sorts who also run the Green Man festival
This was the first thing I heard of theirs from an Uncut Freebie years ago, and very nice it is to.
It`s Jo And Danny Love Expression

Not too many "I"s on my list so here`s  a bonus track.
God I'm so sodding generous with other peoples copywrite material.  

Not quite as jolly as the last one
It`s Jo And Danny It Should Have Been Me

Be seeing you


Thursday, 1 May 2014


Chuck E. Weiss
(oh, and Johnny Depp)

Chuck E.Weiss Boston Blackie

He`s got an album out called "Red Beans And Weiss" (with executive producers Mr Waits and Mr Depp). 
 The title of which is a crap pun from the Tom Waits tune that name checks him.....

Rickie Lee Jones  Chuck E`s In Love

Oh bless.

Another Tom Waits classic from Small Change

Tom Waits Tom Traubert`s Blues

As for Rod the Mod`s version .....

He can pick a tune, sing, and perform but it don't seem right. Hey what do I know ? 10,000,000 grannies cant be wrong.

Off for a glass of sanatogen and a lie down