Thursday, 23 May 2013


The Bigger the pill

 The latest copy of UNCUT has a bit about Clinton ( no not that one ..please insert cheap joke.. well you know what I mean )

Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove

Funkadelic Who Says A Funk Band Can`t Play Rock Music

Parliament Chocolate City

Which reminds me of the full page advert in the Telegraph  a few days ago from that nasty piece of work Farage ( UKIP in case I mispelt his name ) (fuck I can spell dyslexia) any road up ,at the end of the plea to get the knuckle dragging Tories to join him he used the phrase "get our country back"......

What a scumbag

After the break   more funk

 Parliament Fantasy Is Reality

Funkadelic Smokey

Funkadelic If You Got Funk You Got Style

Goddam I saw the mothership land in Hammersmith, no honest, not  just drugs


Could explain why I`ve got some of the band attributions wrong... maybe

Oh yes now I do apologize for spelling (track name done from memory)

So lets finish with a steal (homage)

The Gap Band Oops Upside Your Head

and something else

Talking  Heads  Born Under Punches

Love Jules