Wednesday, 26 March 2014


 The G Spot

Oh well here we (when I say "we" I'm assuming someone might look at this rubbish) go again.

Lets start with congratulations to the damn fools who got wed today. done it once never again.

Some knuckle dragging fundamentalist Christian weirdo was on the wireless this morning explaining that marriage is only real with a c*ck in a c*nt (and he should know). Its odd to hear someone pontificating about sexual practices that he only fantasizes about while knocking one out.

Personally Tom I think ones sexual preferences should be between yourself and ones priest.

Moving on...............

Gabor Szabo Paint It Black


Yep its a cover of a piss take

Galaxie 500 Cheese & Onions

Drugs, baby kidnapping and murder

Some numbers just have it all

File:Col Charles Lindbergh.jpg
Charles Lindbergh

I get no kick in a plane
I shouldn't care for those nights in the air
That the fair Mrs. Lindbergh goes through
But I get a kick out of you.

Oops better change the lyrics
Some get a kick from cocaine
I'm sure that if
I took even one sniff
That would bore me terrifically, too
Yet, I get a kick out of you
Oops better change the lyrics
Gary Shearston I Get A Kick Out Of You

How about some cheery stuff

A recording of a tramp in London, looped and orchestrated with some Tom Waits on the side.This is truly quite magnificent.

Gentleman`s Dub Club High Grade

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu Bayini

George Harrison All Thing Must Pass Away

Giant Sand Shiver

Gil Scott-Heron The Bottle

Gilberto Gil Chiclete Com Banana

This is from the bit when they drive the trucks down the hill to block the doors; Flyboy in the chopper, Fran on the roof and Roger getting a tad over excited. that will learn him.

Goblin La Caccia 

Gogol Bordello Malandrino

Go-Kart Mozart Here Is A Song

Gorillaz Dracula

Oh my Lord I'm sorry, must stop posting rap covers the joke ran thin a long time ago.
The Gourds Gin & Juice

Oh my Lord I'm sorry, must stop posting Cohen covers the joke ran thin a long time ago.
Graeme Allwright L`etranger (Stranger Song)

Oh my Lord I'm sorry, must stop posting rap songs  the joke ran thin along time ago.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five The Message

Grant Lee Buffalo The Whole Shebang

Gregory Isaacs Motherless Child

Grupo Fantasma Mentiras

Yes this is the chap who co-wrote a lot of Robbie Williams hits with a bird singing in French, and very nice it is to.
Guy Chambers & Sophie Hunter Les Heures Ou Je M`eclipse

Guy Clark I A Freeway

Guy Lombardo Enjoy Yourself

Gym, Deer Darlings

Hells Bells, lots of tunes from acts starting with "G" that get the MFM seal of approval.

Best put this to bed

Goodnight and Goodluck


Thursday, 20 March 2014


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Two rock legends covering a classic sea shanty, got to be something to look forward to.....

Tom Waits And Keith Richards Shenandoah

..... Well it sort of starts of OK ish,  then Keith`s magnificent rock and roll voice kicks in. Wow! never guessed such a great concept would be such a car crash, sodding awful.

This is how you do a "Rogues Gallery" sea shanty.

The Valparaiso Men`s Chorus Hanging Johnny

The Fishermans Friends had a flurry of interest with Shanties a little while back, and fair play to them, well ruffty tuffty seamen need some distraction on those long trips away from their loved ones.



Lets have another classic, this time from...

Bellowhead  Haul Away (Live)

I think that's probably enough of that stuff for a bit

Love Jules

P.S. Other versions of Shenandoah are also available 

Dave Alvin Shenandoah