Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gomer Pyle

Jim Nabor v Lambchop

 Never seen the show,  never heard of it,  never even heard of Jim Nabors....

 As lies go two out of three aint bad.

Lambchop (OK Kurt Wagner) name checks Nabors and Pyle in two of their standout tunes.

Lambchop The Decline Of Country And Western Civilisation

Lambchop  Theone


And while we are at it    Jim Nabors  Back Home

Good to be back

Love Jules

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


But I Cant See In Front Of Me

The very nice people at PASTE have given 3 issues of thier mplayer away to all my friends (which I assume is you) so just click here download and enjoy the music.

While were on publications

Magazine Shot By Both Sides

Plus some typography  by Momus & John Henriksson  Futura Bold

Cheers Jules

Sunday, 29 July 2012



Socialist Multicultural Opening Ceremony

Sod all to do with that jerk Boris

Last Mango In Paris Jerusalem

And don't forget

Steve Earle Jerusalem

Friday, 20 July 2012



Well what a shitter is this, the best music/books/film...etc publication goes tits up.

Just part of a general decline I suppose, Borders curled up and died, Relix stopped (started-stopped-started-stopped), Plan-B gone sorely missed and of course Paste (dead but still in a digital form).

So lets have a song about the demise of things that don`t really matter  Henry The Van

Unless its just a metaphor. Crikey!!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Let Me Introduce Myself

I`m a man of little patience and grace

Laibach Sympathy For The Devil

And yes lets have

Laibach  Sympathy For The Devil

So to clean you souls of any evil thoughts,

 from the great Let It Be album

Laibach One After 909

Sunday, 15 April 2012

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

Well done Google; changed a fairly easy piece of software to use into a steaming turd.

What a load of Gervasis

The bunch of stupid over paid skate boarding dope smoking  face booking wankers, have sought to justify thier existance by screwing up something that works...

A pox on them all

(hope they got tickets for the 100 metres and a tube strike screws thier day out)  


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy Hour

Oh dear mother of God, what has happened to my local?

Wick futs to the left of me; Fit wucks to the right of me; pub bores everywhere and some middle class tossers who think their every word is a witticism worthy of Oscar sodding Wilde behind me.


Things can only get better.


Oh sod it lets have a Genesis/Phil Collins cover by somebody I can't for the life of me remember That's All

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

When I'm Sixty Four

Oh the joy of being a young free thinker who believed everything Joe said.

The Clash This Is England

Maybe he had a point

Cliff Edwards When You Wish Upon A Star

Thank you and goodnight.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Easter Parade

It's All About The Chocolate, The Crucifixion and Cuddly Bunnies.

Hey let's enjoy the bank holiday (ignoring the screaming brats and drunken schoolteachers)

Cubanismo Canto Al Mondo

Conor Oberst I Don't Want To Die (In The Hospital)

Carl Douglas King Fu Fighting

Still not got the pictures nailed; but hey it's only a stupid blog.

Carole King You've Got A Friend

Have a good night and hopefully wake up your Easter eggs unfertilised.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

You Cant Always Get What You Want




Yep it's time to carry on with the alphabet

And now it's the 'C' word.

Calypso Rose Isreal By Bus

Chris Difford Up The Junction

Capella Istrolitaria Barber's Adagio For Strings

With posh music I think the composers name comes before the tune, not certain if the performer goes before the composer before the tune as well.

As for tonights final track...

Some Forgotten Band From Cambodia Proud Mary

More C's to come

Love Jules


Saturday, 31 March 2012

Here Comes Summer

When You went Away

Well I'm glad that's all over; no more sunshine, panic buying and er.. safe Labour seats. Oh well At least Milliand is not as rubbish as Maud. Some nice tunes are needed again ( this ain't working as smoothly as one would hope for but give me time )

Chuck Prophet It's A Summertime Thing

Chicago Saturday In The park

Cousteau Last Good Day Of The Year

But please remember as our favourite physicist / poster boy for women of a certain age / pop star .... Said

Things Can Only Get Better

Love Jules

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Let Them Eat Foie Gras

We're All In This Together

Unlike a Cornish pasty, revenge is best served cold.

So let's vote this shower out when there time runs out, but in the meantime STRIKE screw thier Olympics and don't volunteer for anything that even sniffs of the twat Cameron's big society.

As for the idea that the poor can't have cheap drinks because It upsets the wine bar elite ....

Just look at this scum

Oh; as well Gideons sums don't even add up

The Books Beautiful People

Thank you and Good Night.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm Hearing The Light From The Window

I'm Seeing The Sound Of The Sea

Bill Callahan Sycamore

Ok it's not Rio but a lovely circular guitar which seems fine with this spring weather.

While I'm in a good mood, I will share a donner kebab a can of special brew and a feel of Sam Cams tits for a donation of £9.85.

Big Star Femme Fetale

All the best Jules


Big Audio Dynamite Harrow Road

Good pub, great number and a fine beat combo.

Somehow ive finally managed to put together a post on a Walkman. This bodes well for more random drunk posts as long as I can remember how to do it.

So let's have some more music.

Steely Dan Peg

Ha! Have that, I can beat computers

Love Jules

Thursday, 22 March 2012

It,s Good To Be Back

Sod computers, Sod tubes stuck down you, sod doctors telling you off for drinking and eating curry; for crying out loud

But most of all Sod this nasty pile of steaming excrement misruling this country.

Still trying to use an i~pod ( the fool the fool )

So no pictures or music or videos or anything interesting.

Billy Bragg Fear Is A Mans Best Friend

Well that worked

Let's go for a picture

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tapes are killing music

And new stuff is doing my effing head in

Stupidly being trying to use an ipod touch to blog with (twit) but what the hell

Sat at my bar stool, staring blankly at the other drinkers, chatting and socialising  while I carry on with this fruitless excersise ... then somebody walks in, has a little chat, buys me a cider ; later an old girlfriend gives me a kiss and asks how I`m doing.
Some classic jazz is playing in the background which is good, a stag party comes in make a noise, complain about the music and leave, which is also good.
The barman enquires how I`m getting on with my new piece of technology ; fine I lie and swear at it. He later offers me a lift home.
Things aint that bad.

The Billy Taylor Trio I Wish That I Knew (How It Felt To Be Free)

Love Jules