Thursday, 11 October 2018



Blimey didn't mean this bunch of scary looking, back combing ruffians. Hell the one on the left has an iron cross, the middle one is a sweetie who has considered coming out but doesn't want to tell his mum and finally on the right  a charmer who failed the audition  for a banjo player in Deliverance. 

I meant this lot

They come from Canada so they are nice as is their President

I digress, anyone who name an album "KEN" is fine in my books

Destroyer Kaputt

Destroyer Times Square

Cheers Jules

Thursday, 4 October 2018


Blimey, I Will Go To The Bottom Of The Stairs

Two and a half quid from the local second hand shop but still shrink wrapped.

Some covers

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Ferry

Story goes Holly was only allowed to record this

Frankie Goes To Hollywood San Jose

If the Scallys could record this

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Born To Run

Did I mention before?  Holly Johnson met me once.

( Ed. yes you did and the anecdote aint that funny)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes

A Putin And fat Donny remake would be fun if short

Good luck and goodnight

Love Jules