Thursday, 6 September 2018


Lets Get Funky Now

Hang on a bit that isn't  not quite right 
What I meant was this

I used to play part 2 first and quickly flip over to part 1 because I only had 7 inches and assumed that was how 12 inches would sound

Silly me

War Galaxy

While were here

Goodnight and Good luck

Love Jules

Sunday, 29 July 2018


The gardens need it

Lemon Jelly
Nice Weather For Ducks

Still not to sure about reversing rabbits


Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Hustle

"It was raining like a movie"

well maybe not this one, not seen it though.

This one is absolutely fine but cant remember any rain scenes.

Van McCoy The Hustle

Whats missing is some Lambchop

Lambchop The Hustle

I assume lots of rain in the tv series set in England


Friday, 13 April 2018

Another 10 Years Ago


Another freebie ( if you ignore buying the magazine because you only wanted the cover mount cd in the first place )

But as it happens not too shabby

Woodpigeon Home Is A Romanticised concept Where Everybody You Always And Forever

Bon Iver Skinny Love

Low Breaker

Mercury Rev Opus 40

Songs Ohia Farewell Transmission

Micha P Hinson We Wont Have To Be Lonesome

The Mountain Goats Sax Rohmer

Two Gallants Despite What You've Been Told

Devon Sproule Old Virginia Block

Wild Billy Childish Again And Again

Jeffry Lewis Systematic Death

Akron/Family Phenomena

A Hawk And A Hacksaw God Bless The Ottoman Empire

Calexico  The News About William

Dirty Three Sister Let Them Try And Follow

This is all fine and dandy but

the thing missing from your life is

yep a selfie of a respected music blogger on his way home while listening to....

Micha P Hinson

I`m so so sorry, cider was much stronger back in the day

Goodnight and Goodluck

Love Jules

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Both Sides Now

The Spirit Of Americana

This was a stonking double cd compilation from 2002 I think ( can`t quite read the label ) but any way up, some good stuff to be had and enjoyed.

Bob Dylan High Water

Lambchop I Can Hardly Spell My Name

Just in case the the artwork used for the cover was tad to subtle

Will Kimbrough Hey Big Sister

Chuck Prophet Summertime Thing

Good Luck and Good Night

Love Jules

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Bloody Computers

Things all gone tits up with technology lately

I'm playing with a tablet used for taking food orders in a pub (never worked stupid idea) that I've nicked .

PUBLIC ENEMY  Fight The Power

Can’t actually see what this looks like battery ran out now on an iPod touch


Thursday, 29 March 2018

10 Years Ago

Who would have thought that it was only a decade ago that this cracking compilation was stuck to the front of one the best magazines ever?

Tift Merrit Broken

Thao Swimming Pools

The Magnetic Fields California Girls

Bon Iver Skinny Love

Goldfrapp A&E

Jason Collett Out Of Time

Seven Mary Three Laughing Out Loud

Foxtail Somersault Motionland

Shelby Lynne Pretend

Willie Nelson Gravedigger

De Nova Dahl Shout

Sia Academia

Allison Moorer Mockingbird

Ida (3) For Shame Of Doing Wrong

Joe Rathbone Angel

Parlour Steps Hot Romance

Howlin Rain Calling Lightning Pt. 2

Virginia Coalition Sing Along

Ford Turrell Ghost Of Goodbye

Zox Goodnight

Maceo Parker Shake Everything You Got

Not too shabby

Good luck and goodnight

Love Jules