Thursday, 7 May 2015



Which Side Are You On?  Annie De Franco

Billy Bragg, The Redskins, Paul Weller, and the scientist bloke from the telly (whose bands name escapes me for the moment ) have all had a go but.........

High Hopes With JFK  Frank Sinatra

Further back in time .........

Hello Ronnie, Goodbye Jimmy Herman Silvers & Cornell Tanassy

Oh my giddy aunt!

Things have now moved on when it comes to eulogising politicians

Obama (Yes We Can) Andy Fraser

First Black Lady Lady Tiga

And lets not forget

Somewhere Over Obama Clare and The Reasons

pass the ........

Sorry about the music The Tories made me do it

P.S.  Some EDL wankers (team jackets etc) told to get out of a pub because of there behaviour,
later smashed the windows of somebody who asked them to moderate their language. I know we are accused of being inbred on the Isle of Wight ... oh well

Ah Shit! Here come the exit polls

Good Luck and Goodnight

love Jules