Tuesday, 14 April 2020



Rebel Rebel A Tribute To David Bowie

Paste Magazine
New Music Sampler 44

My Brightest Diamond Inside A Boy

The Word
Best Of The Decade

Brahma Presents
Nova Musica Do Brasil

Not the foggiest how I acquired a promo from a Brazilian lager company.  

Pullovers Futebol de Óculos 

The Guardian
Badly Drawn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy Chaos Theory

This aint much cop and goes on for ages, so lets have track 1 instead

Badly Drawn Boy All Possibilities

World Circuit Presents
The Buena Vista Social Club Series

Ruben Gonzalez Chanchullo

This is by a country mile the standout from today's random selection 

More later

Good Luck and Goodnight

Love Jules 


  1. Nice picture/song juxstaposition

    1. Thanks
      The other comment could mean a knighthood ain’t on the cards

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