Thursday, 27 February 2014


The F Word

Here it is,the sixth installment, if I get to the twenty sixth  I will probably call this blogging thing off. Anyway lets start with.....

Fairport Convention Sir Patrick Spens

Don't  know much about this lot but they seem happy

Family Groove Company We Could - KJ Denhert
Faultside Hysteria In Vain

Faustus Brisk Lad

Felt Ferdinanand Magellan

Great Concert

Femi Kuti Nothing To Show For It

Fields If You Fall, We All Fall

Fionn Regan Put A Penny In The Slot

First Choice Armed And Extremely Dangerous

The Flaming Lips Sun Blows Up Today

Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal

Oh my giddy aunt this video is so so so bonkers, brilliant and a bit heart warming, do play all the way.

Fleetwood Mac Tusk

Florence + The Machine Jackson (Featuring Josh Homme)

Fool`s Gold Nadine (Memory Tapes Version)

 Forty Thieves Orkester Last Band Standing


Fountains Of Wayne Trains And Boats And Plane

Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz Bolingo Ya Bougie

Frank Ocean Sweet Life

Ah those were the days....

(note to self   must find out why the wife left)

Frank Sinatra Wives And Lovers 

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen M80

Frank Zappa Road Ladies

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Fred Astaire  Cheek To Cheek

Freddie Phillips Chime And Clock Theme

Frederica Von Stade / Royal Philharmonic Bailero

Frederick Knight I`ve Been Lonely (For So Long)

Freed Rhythm Of The Dub

Its amazing how some acts just never date.

Well  apart from after the video shoot

Freeze I.O.U.

Friendly Fires Jump In The Pool

Fuck Buttons The Lisbon Maru

Fun Lovin` Criminals Beautiful

White Folk Dancing

 Funkadelic (Not Just) Knee Deep

Phew that done. catch you all later


Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Whose There?

Some bloody stand ups in my local for Gods sake.

 Woodpigeon  Knock Knock


Elliot Smith Im So Tired (Live)

Joseph K Sorry For Laughing

Have you noticed that all stand up comics........

shit its dire, you might as well givie the "funny" pub bore a microphone...shut up.

Now this clip is sort of funny.

Sister Sledge Smile

The Wedding Present Make Me Smile

"A stand up comedian walks into a pub.....well just fuck off" 

Orange Juice Falling And Laughing

Over an Out  Jules

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Lets Rock

Never been a great Stones fan myself but this seems a tad harsh.

Apart from their money grabbing, venal attitude to other artists (try The Verve) the ripping off fans with stupid concert prices to see grandads make arses of themselves, and to add insult to injury they nicked a whole Isle of Wight ferry to fuck off back to the mainland and let the festival goers wait another hour.

On the other hand, Mos Def could have a point.

Mos Def Rock & Roll

Here`s some white folk who do understand covering music

Nina Gordon Straight Out Of Compton 

Kevin Davis Fuck The Police 

Barenaked Ladies Fight The Power

Be seeing you Jules.


Friday, 21 February 2014


Paul Armfield

Cracking album, possibly a career best (so far).

I think its about getting older, but as I cant remember when to put out the rubbish.. who knows.. where am I ...when is Countdown on next   shit

For more information go to the best Isle of Wight music blog written by me Isle of Wight Rock

The other Isle of Wight music blogs not written by me are of course shit.

Bring on the music

The Stranglers with George Melly Old Codger


Please check out Pauls site  here

Well that's enough of that for one day

Off home for a curry

Love Jules


X-Press2 With Kurt Wagner

Dunno how I missed this one, better late than never eh.

X-Press2 (Featuring Kurt Wagner) Give It

Nice video, as is this

Lambchop Is A Women

And both with the same leaf motif.

A Remix by Dab Hands of Give It

Lambchop Give It

Well I hope that makes amends

Love Jules

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Where There`s  Muck There`s Brass

Peter Skellern  You`re A Lady

Roy Harper When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease

The Hot 8 Brass Band Wolf Burger

The Hot 8 Brass Band What`s My Name

The Hot 8 Brass Band Fly Away

 The Brighouse and Rastrick band

And a national treasure on Top Of The Pops

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Random Access Memories/Thoughts

Well the computer is working a bit better now, seems no free space on the hard drive isn't a good thing, who would of thought?

Electronica  Getting Away With It

More reliable technology

The Titanic pub in Southampton does a book swap (along with hosting some more esoteric events) but one regular has donated some tapes and some portable cassette players.....

Yep! I can now listen to my original tape single walking down the street. Cool.
And this is it

Bow Wow Wow C30! C60! C90! Go!

Its a tad wet in the south of England but its not a  global tradegy

Helen Shapiro It Might As Well Rain Until September

Prince Lavaux

Seems the little chap did a popup show last night in Camden, Oh Joy.

Stargard Which Way Is Up?

 A Cracking  Norman Whitfield produced number from a long time ago , but worth making it to the freak out middle .

And Finally

Transport Policy

XTC River Of Orchids


 The Weepies I Was Made For Sunny Days

Sorry cheap joke, the RMT are fighting for important issues, a delay commuting aint the end of the world.

More Daft Punk next time.

Love Jules