Saturday, 4 November 2017



Well that might be pushing it a tad, but a least i have uploaded some cds from magazines that have been piling up.

Not listened to any of this stuff, just the first five tracks from different cds. 

Gold Rush Antiblas

Fly United Amon Duul l

David Watts American Wrestlers

American Hearts A A Bondy

Life Alternative T.V.

Lets have some Robert Wyatt as way of an apology


Oh and this, some belated Halloween cheer

Who knows maybe more again soon

Goodnight and Goodluck


Thursday, 29 June 2017


This Could Be The First Time

The first bit of plastic I ever bought was this from a long long time ago, and its still lurking in a box under my bed.

George Harrison My Sweet Lord

Famously George got done for plagiarism because of the similarity to this  

The Chiffons He`s So Fine

Q. So what else would a kiddy fiddler, soon to be jailbird, and minor musical celebrity do?

A. release a crap cheap track

Johnathan King He`s So Fine / My sweet Lord

George said he was surprised by the "He`s So Fine" accusation because he`d always thought it was appropriated from this 

Edwin Hawkins Singers Oh Happy Day

He had a point

Lets have another version

Soweto Gospel Choir

While King will soon be consigned to trash can of pop stars best forgotten....   


Goodnight and good luck 
Love Jules

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tomorrow Never Knows..

As I drag myself out of the pit

Good Morning Good Morning

Ooh Ooh the sun might be shining

Getting Better


She`s Leaving Home

Aw Fuck sodding reality


Thursday, 9 February 2017



Its my age but the idea of going to TKMAXX (or something like that) to buy some pillows is getting me quite excited.

The Beatles I'm So Tired

The Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn

If only one could sent to the loving arms of Morpheus like this

Tom Waits On The Nickel

The Pogues Lullaby Of London

Tom Waits Midnight Lullaby

The Beatles  I'm Only Sleeping

Ringo singing to Julian Lennon

The Beatles Good Night

Grumpy Fuck when alive

Good Night, Good Luck & Sweet Dreams

Love Jules

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Friday, 20 January 2017

Hail To The Chief


Lets raise our glasses to the new letter in the never ending blog.

Kathryn Williams  Spit On A Stranger

Katzenjammer Lady Grey

Katie Moore Baby Can I Hold You

Kate Nash Foundations

Kanye West Addiction

Kanda Bongo Man Sana

Kamasi Washington Leroy and Lanisha

Goodnight And Goodluck


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Another One Bites The Dust

Yes this is the last of the letter J

But don't celebrate too much

James Yorkstone Tortoise Regrets Hare

Johnny Dowd Vietnam

Jonathan Richmond Vincent Van Gogh

John Austin Whippoorwill

Judy Collins Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Jib Kidder Windowdipper

Joey Bada$$ World Domination

Julian Cope World Shut Your Mouth

Jimi Somerville You Are My World

The proper " Another One Bites The Dust"
General Saint And Clint Eastwood

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Back to the alphabet

After all the festivities let's have some non seasonal specific songs.

Most of this J stuff is fairly ordinary indie choices...

Well that makes no fucking sense but you know what I mean.

Joanna Newsom Sprout And The Bean

Jim White Static On The Radio

Jason Isbell Stockholm

Jack White Take Me With You When You Go

Jah Wobble Tales From Outer Space

Joao Gilberto & Astrud Gilberto Girl From Ipanema

OK maybe not this one but it is, and always will be a stone bonking classic

Jim O`Rouke The Workplace

John Mellencamp This Land Is Your Land

I know this might not be very indie but this ain't either

Nothing to do with the letter J but was just playing on the pub music system

And a cracking promo it is too

This is a thirty pound Amazon Fire production