Sunday, 23 November 2014



She aint exactly flavour of the month with the Old Bill so I assume she thinks that more powers to pry on us will sort that out. Oh dear love, just do your job and stop playing to the gallery.

Kraftwerk Home Computer

Jakob Boeskov/Timothy DeWit/Matthew Morandi Computer Eyes

Charles Penrose The Laughing Policeman


Tuesday, 18 November 2014




Sorry God botherers  but this hippy shit seems to be true.

Well the stardust stuff anyway, not certain if a spacecraft has given gardening the thumbs up.

Bill Wells & Aiden Moffat The Greatest Story Ever Told

"an orchestrated pairing up
of friends of friends
one bearing up, the other sober for a change
laying low and acting strange
she wiggles by to catch an eye
he gets her name wrong, says goodbye
and soon love will thrive

there follows all the ups and downs
their laughters, tears, and smiles and frowns
of love and its attendant woes
just as every romance goes
perhaps we bore a little more
mortality jumps to the fore
but we all survive

somewhere unseen and deep inside
the lucky sperm and egg collide
the zygote's little cells divide
the morula goes for a ride
this tiny tryst makes blastocyst
and soon the mind and heart exist
and soon you arrive

without us, the world will still turn
and the sun still will burn
the faithful moon will wax and wane
and still it will rain
but who needs a world to impress
when there's love to confess?
and so begins our dynasty
a new family tree

and plenty of people will try and tell you where we came from. but we can only ever know what we can see. so tonight, look up to the sky. there's at least a hundred billion galaxies with a hundred billion stars and every single one could be a sun just like ours. you see, we're all just links in a chain and all life is finite. so use your time wisely, look after your teeth, and try not to hurt anyone. and remember: we invented love. and that's the greatest story ever told."

Love Jules

Thursday, 13 November 2014


No More Worries, Alphabetical Is Back

Jin Long Uen & Song Huie Liou Excerpt From Hanshan Temple

Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley

This was very popular with happy people, the ones with a more thoughtful disposition (no girlfriend) preferred her Leonard Cohen covers album.

Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat

Janka Nabey And The The Bubu Gang Feba

Some fine Americana ....

Josh Ritter Girl In The War

The BBC refused to play this single because it was "too depressing", if only they refused to play a single because its "too shit" .................

John Howard Goodbye Susie


A few years ago I went to see someone whose name I cant remember but he used to play guitar for Steve Earle. Anyway the support act was brilliant so went to the merchandise stand, asked his name,  got his cd; then slowly realised I had heard him before on a few UNCUT cds. oh well.

Jeff Finlin

Jeff Finlin Goodtime

Time for some symmetry

Joe Strummer doing The Harder They Fall

And Jimmy Cliff doing Guns Of Brixton

Joan As Police Woman Holy City

Oh my, more ghosts from the past.

The Columbia Hotel was a place that A&R men put bands to keep them out of the media spotlight, as did my union for a small meeting (TASS Youth Executive to be exact). Well bugger me backwards who did we meet in the bar.....

  ...One of our delegation asked Holly Johnson for an autograph (adding  "Its for my girlfriend")

What he got was "Give head love Holly xxx"

Jesse Malin Hotel Columbia

Jens Lekman I Know What Love Isn`t

And hey whats not to like?

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts I Love Rock And Roll

Jeez more Js to come


Thursday, 6 November 2014


 Not the bloody show on the telly

Something from the wireless


 Arrested Development  WMFW (We Must Fight And Win) FM

(Please have a listen or this post will make even less sense than the others)

This is an idea of what the radio shows playlist (if it had existed) sounded like

Bob Marley Smile Jamacia

Miriam Makeba West Wind

Mutaburuka Def Poetry

Gumbo Basement Music

Public Enemy Dont Believe The Hype

Curtis Mayfield Pusherman

Isaac Hayes Soulsville

Tracey Chapman Baby Can I Hold You

Paris The Devil Made Me Do It

Youssou n'dour The Lion

Black Uhura Guess Who`s Coming To Dinner

Living Colour Cult Of Personality

Vinx A Little Bit More

Foley The Senate Cum Round

Chaka Khan I'm Every Woman

Follow4Now Follow4Now

KRS 1 Sound Of D Police

Queen Latifa Just Another Day

Stevie Wonder Sunny

Gil Scott Heron The Bottle

The Last Poets Wake Up Niggers

Arrested Development Tennessee

Well that's what black folk in America would have listened to in the last century given half a chance.

Love Jules