Thursday, 21 March 2013



Once a year Osborne will give us a pint of beer (not wine or gin you soft middle class Tory southerners) as long as we drink one pint a day.


Cheers Theme Song

Or on the other hand a lot of the fat bastard Tory donating brewers put their prices up in advance, so real ale bores will whinge on to minimum wage bar staff about their  fucking penny. And no Osborne drinking beer don`t make you a man of the people your still a posh git with no idea about the real world. Twat.

Madvillian One Beer (Drunk Version)

A fine band from the Isle of Wight
The Wayward Sons The Drinking Song

The mighty chop were bloody good at the Barbican; when I eventually found the way in I understood the need for alcohol.
Lambchop Beers Before The Barbican

Lambchop The Man Who Loved Beer

Tom Waits The Piano Has Been Drinking

Mad Dog McRea Am I Drinking Enough

Fidlar Cheap Beer

David Ramirez Drunk

Luke Plumb With James Mackintosh Drunken Landlady/Love At The Endings

Mary Gauthier I Drink

  Champion Jack Dupree

Champion Jack Dupree Drinking And Gambling

Champion Jack Dupree One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

Richard Thompson  God Loves A Drunk

 And maybe so does Buddha.

I could be wrong but I do believe this is a Tibetan monks drinking song.

If not it should be.

Hanggai Drinking Song

And lets not forget

The Dead Kennedys To Drunk To Fuck

And on that (hic!) happy note Good Night and Good Luck