Thursday, 17 March 2016

Must Keep Up With The Obituaries

George Martin R.I.P.

1963 was a very important historical milestone for many reasons..

J F Kennedy  assassination

Martin Luther Kings "I have a dream" 

and of course

The Beatles

The Dream Academy Life In A Northern Town

Jesse Winchester Ghosts

New Order 1963

A small demonstration of how important Martin was

The source of all information ......

Lennon wanted the track to have a "carnival atmosphere", and told producer George Martin that he wanted "to smell the sawdust on the floor." In the middle eight bars, multiple recordings of fairground organs and calliope music were spliced together to attempt to produce this request. In a 1968 interview, Martin recalled that he achieved "this by playing the Hammond organ myself and speeding it up." After a great deal of unsuccessful experimentation, Martin instructed recording engineer Geoff Emerick to chop the tape into pieces with scissors, throw them up in the air, and re-assemble them at random.

Oh yes!  he was ahead of  Eno by a  country mile

Mind you......

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