Wednesday, 31 July 2013

French Kissing In The USA

The Bitch Is Back

"The legend of the phoenix....Hah!" 

Get Lucky  Daft Punk

Why would you have a sly dig at an ex band member/friend on a multimillion enterprise that was RAM? unless of course your rich wankers who have lost all sense of proportion.


1. This is better If I Ever Get Better 

2. The (Todd Edwards)  Remix If I Ever Get Better

3. Without Nile Rogers its shit Good Times (12 Inch) Chic

and finally 

4. Because I fucking said so


Lets nick another track while we can Doing It Right Daft Punk.

Love Jules

Bonus from The Hood Internet Kanye West and Daft Punk 

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Yes its true, when rich arseholes like Cameron tells GOOGLE to jump they fucking jump. Not for some moronic Daily Mail inspired idea to stop people typing in bad words into a search engine, but to look after supposed copy-write interests of multinational media corporations.

The deleting of blogs that actually DO support the music industry is almost laughably stupid if it wasnt for the fact that people like JC have put their heart into what they have done  just for love. Sorry getting cross,but  what we write and the connections we make is our fucking copy-write and they have no right to delete it.

As  kids we  used to make mix tapes (often off the radio) we would pass them around, sometimes go to the local record shop to buy the single/ep/lp that our mates had recommend ; this is the same.

Bah fuck them .....

Dont bite the hand that feeds you idiots.

On The bright side The Vinyl Villain has been reborn

Welcome Back

Hell I like the Rumer cover

Love Jules

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Try Next Door

Pop over to Isle of Wight Rock.......

.....................for some Ginger and Fela