Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Someone To Watch Over Me

Hells teeth, even the paper that told us to to vote Liberal to keep the Tories out ( when its not doing stories about "The Media" ) seems to be a tad pissed off  with this shower.

William Elliott Whitmore Mutiny

This is  something else by him

 And this a bit of something else by Turner

Thanks to a very lovely and smart chap ( as well as a Grauniad reader ) who pointed out the Steve Bell cartoon while listening to the William Elliott Whitmore number.

Cheers Gee

Love Jules

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Here we go again, there is only one thing to do ....STRIKE     we all know it will cost and be inconvenient but thats the bloody point. So STRIKE.

The Flaming Lips Fight Test

This jolly little chump means the best, but has fallen in amongst a bad crowd.

Bollocks   Gideon Oliver Osborne  ( he changed Gideon to George because it made him sound like a toffee-nosed tory git. or something like that ) is a nasty ruthless bastard who understands class war and is waging it on us. Do not trust him or the rest of Eton toffs screwing this country  they have just one agenda;

" payback time  for you uppity working classes , we will now crap on you from a great height, scum "

 Hey whats not to hate?

Jarvis Cocker C**ts Are Still Running The World


Love Jules

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bang Bang

And There`s More.....

Bill Conti Glider Part 1
He also wrote the Rocky theme, so now you know.

Bill Deal & The Rhondels Hold Back The Night
Grahm Parker will feature later

Bill Withers Lovely Day

Billy Bragg Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
Yet again what do you pick

Billy Brooks Fourty Days

Billy MacKenzie Free

Billy May Mission Impossible

Billy Paul Your Song

Billy Vera Big Chief

Black Box Recorder Andrew Ridgely

Black Prairie Single Mistake
A sort of bluegrass Decemberist offshoot

Blanche Another Lost Summer
Aint they all ho hum


Bang The Drum

More alphabetical  gold from the i-pod.

Now where were we..

The Beat Stand Down Margret

At the time of writing I think the bitch is still wth us, but here`s hoping  eh.

Bebel Gilberto Um Segundo

Beeda Weeda Baserock Babies
God Knows

Bell Meaningless

Belle And Sebastian I`m A Cuckoo ( Japanese Version)
How do you pick just one? like this at random.

Bellowhead Fakenaham Fair

Belshazzar`s Feast Hampshire Mummer`s Song
Ignore the the mainstream bollocks Fairy Tale is NOT the best Christmas tune this is, trust me 

Ben L`Oncle Soul Seven Nation Army
Nice cover version

Benjy Ferree Fear
Know nothing

Bernard Herrman Vertigo

Bert Jansch Running From Home
Oops forgot Babyshambles & Bert Jansch Lost Art Of Murder

Bertrand Belin La Chaleur

Best Coast Sun Was High ( So Was I )

Beth Orton & Sam Amidon Thirteen
A great Big Star cover

The Bible Graceland
The first of a few Gracelands

Big Audio Dynamite Harrow Road ( Ska Mix )
Already done E=MC2

Big Harp Everybody Pays

Big Maybelle 96 Tears
Could be a couple more covers on the way

Big Star Watch The Sunrise
A great Big Star original

Bill Callahan Sycamore
Also see Smog; much much later


Ring The Bells

A new track from the mighty Lambchop.

Need I say more

Lambchop If Not I`ll Just Die

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Bloody hell, it`s time for some more alphabetical
Bullshit. I am not so sure about pop
But  apart from
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Beach Boys
Blondie and
Boyzone its a
Bugger, the classical boys have it
Beethoven et al.

Bedazzled I may may be,
But let the fightback


Badly Drawn Boy Thunder Road

O.K. I Know .... not really a guitar driven cover of The Boss but  it  means well.

Bambi Bambi Rain Song

In my own defence this stuff is driven by the constaints of my I-Pods top rated playlist.

Bana Congo  Sandokan

Well at least some guitars

Now for a real four piece rock band

The Banana Splits The Tra La La Song

Back to life, back to reality

The Band I Shall Be Released

Thats more like it boys and girls, and so is this

The Band From County Hell  Late Lost Souls

            ...... and here they do The Pouges

(Late Lost Souls  was on the latest  Rock-n-Reel CD have a look,  its a great mag for fans by fans)

I would like to remind you dear reader this post is driven my I-Pod...

The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian

Nice tune a tad dated maybe, but sodding hell bet you didn`t see this lot coming

Barry Gray U.F.O.

Followed by

Basement Jaxx Raindrops

And to finish tonights ramble before we move on to the BE.... words

The B.B.C. Raidiophonic Workshop Doctor Who (Original Theme)

Goodnight and sweet dreams.