Thursday, 28 November 2013


Unlike my effin computer. Bah!

Blackbirds Erin McKeown

Palmitos Park El Guincho

Oops yet another potty mouth, but would be fun at a funeral
It`s A Motherfucker Eels

A Bahamian musician and thats about all I know apart from the truth that this is a brilliant as it is barking.
The Vision Exuma

New Country Blues Emmitt-Nershi Band

Now this is what you call a back story, his dad played Psycho and died of AIDS seven years later his mum died in a plane crash...9/11.
While You Were Sleeping Elvis Perkins

One Day Like This Elbow

The Cutter  Echo And The Bunnymen

I dunno got stored by title not artist
Eid Ma Clack Shaw Bill Callaghan

In The Bleak Midwinter Ed Harcourt

The King of Highlife
Ghana-Guinee-Mali E. T. Mensah

Do Anything You Wanna Do Eddie And The Hot Rods

Make Another Tree Eef Barzelay

Boogie Wonderland Earth Wind And Fire (And The Emotions) see below

 I Can`t Be Me  Eddie Hinton

 Blackship East Of Ealing

 It Takes A Little Time Edwyn Collins

Manhattan Ella Fitzgerald

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) Elliot Smith

Bennie And The Jets Elton John

Everyday I Write The Book Elvis Costello

Best Of My Love The Emotions   see above

Once Upon A Time In The West Ennio Morricone

God Bless The Child Eydie Gorme

Not a clue
Vain Mistake Ez Lee

Aaaaaarrggggghhhhh!!!!  Must run "scouting for fucking girls" on  the pub stereo, enough to drive someone off drink


Friday, 22 November 2013

Screw Politics Lets Dance

In A Dad Dance Sort Of Way

Which Way Is Up Stargard

This Video was  great excuse for sad blokes like me, who cant even clap hands in time, to dance in a way that kept the girls away.... cheers Dave.  
Once In A Lifetime Talking Heads

Beat The Clock Sparks

Thank You ......  Sly And The Family Stone

Spacer Sheila B Devotion

Lavaux Prince

 Native New Yorker  Oddesey

Done This before but...............
One Nation Under A Groove  Funkadelic
 ............even white folk can dance to this.

Thank you and goodnight


Dead Kennedys Redux

A Tribute to JFK in Pictures an Music

AKA a rehash of old stuff on file (well its good enough for the telly, wireless and newspapers).

Frank Sinatra


Marilyn Monroe

Stienski and the Mass Media

I think that just about covers it


As I Was Saying

Before I Was Rudely Interrupted

(By a mixture of laziness, stupidity and crap computer)

My Alphabet Primer

Bonkers Dizzee Rascal

Jefferson David Berkley

Like A Rolling Stone Drive By Truckers

This is from the tv show Northern Exposure soundtrack cd.
Jolie Louise Daniel Lanois

The cover of this by Whitney Houston Is a top wedding song, a bit odd as the lyrics are about breaking up and its a shit version.
I know Dolly has her knockers but her songwriting and singing are superb.
I Will Always Love You Dolly Parton

Funny old album this, The release was delayed for quite a time (Brian Burtons cheerfully illegal Grey Album being the main cause) and when it finally got a release two of the collaborators  had committed suicide.
Little Girl Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse (with Julian Casablancas)

Sisters Of Mercy Dion

Shenandoah  Dave Alvin

Done this before but hey.
Henry The Van Danny And The Champions Of The World

If You Ever Get Famous The Duke And The King

The Magic Number De La Soul

Graceland Dan Bern

Sunny Goodge Street Donovan

Marigoundo Djelimady Tounkara

Manhood Dexys Midnight Runners

Now this lot are a jolly little bunch.

A brief synopsis of Colin Meloy`s lyrical interests

Sectarian torture and murder
Shankhill Butchers The Decemberists

Gang rape and prostitution
Cautionary Song The Decemberists

Theft and assassination
The Perfect Crime No 2 The Decemberists

And lets not forget
The Rakes Song The Decemberists

Nice to be back

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Well at least i effin tunes is working

Now that can cheer up any old git feeling sorry for himself

And if this dont work.......

Belle and Sebastian The Ghost Of Rock School

Sod work lets eat and drink with good friends

Love Jules

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The end of this blog as we know it

Notebook wont load itunes god knows why not ( but hopefully a computer chap who lives around the corner might ) not posted as I would like to because of sodding .........( insert rant )........ Bah!

Cant load these discs from mags, cant listen to them    Cant even put a bloody photo in the right place

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ex Beatles Having A Go


Well That`s OK Ringo, but what is the Boogaloo that has been pissing you off ?

Back off Boogaloo
I said
Back off Boogaloo
Come on
Back off Boogaloo

Your best bet is to grin, make a peace sign and count the money.

George on the other hand started all the charity concert stuff  with "The Concert For Bangladesh" which not only highlighted the plight of the country it also politicized some stoners.

George Harrison Bangladesh

Now we come to John;  The Thinker, The Revolutionary and The Prat.

This is one of the most embarrassing protest songs ever

John Lennon Women Is The Nigger Of The World

Oh Dear

Shall we now  move on to the edgy one

 Hi Hi Hi

Banned by the BBC for sexual and drug references

Paul McCartney and Wings Give Ireland Back To The Irish

Banned by the BBC for the politics

After two bans on the run Macca came back with a perfect protest song 

Ban this if you can...

Paul McCartney and Wings Mary Had A Little Lamb

Love Jules

Bonus Tracks

George Give Me Love 
All Things Must Pass

Paul Band On The Run

Goodnight and Goodluck


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Revolution Rock

It`s A Brand New Rock

Well not really 

How about  Nina Simone

The (New) Vinyl Villain has been asking for some  protest songs, and why not with this of t---s*, f--k* wits and venal c----s * raping our country.

For the handful of people that read this I would recommend reading this...

This is a f------g * great tome by Dorian Lynskey ( OK I know he writes for the Guardian but hey). Go on buy, borrow or steal a copy.

Yes it is what it says on the cover.... two examples

Green Day American Idiot

Click here for his blog (he`s the one on the left)  33 Revolutions Per Minute

Love Jules

* Redacted by my mum

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Potty Mouth

Sorry about the bad language on the recent posts, from now on Im going to censor myself.

But every --------- time I -----, --------- UKIP --------- ------ it goes ---- up.


Thursday, 8 August 2013



Which part of town?

People on minimum wage having a great party and screwing the night away?
Or rich tossers showing off and treating workers like filth?

 Oh Yeah

.Kirsty Macoll Sail Away

Sailor Girls Girls Girls

Bloody hell, could be worse, imagine a UKIP conference  in town

William Elliott Whitmore Mutiny

ps easy jet couldn't get me a flight to Bongo Bongo Land

Fuck them All

Love Jules 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sail Away

Cowes Week

The Dream

The Reality

Once a year our sleepy little town of Cowes on The Isle of Wight is blessed with a sailing regatta..

Middle class wankers, antipodean yachties and local psychos.....all having a splendid time drinking warm lager in plastic glasses, eating shit overpriced food and listening to rubbish cover bands.

Oh happy days.


Wednesday, 31 July 2013

French Kissing In The USA

The Bitch Is Back

"The legend of the phoenix....Hah!" 

Get Lucky  Daft Punk

Why would you have a sly dig at an ex band member/friend on a multimillion enterprise that was RAM? unless of course your rich wankers who have lost all sense of proportion.


1. This is better If I Ever Get Better 

2. The (Todd Edwards)  Remix If I Ever Get Better

3. Without Nile Rogers its shit Good Times (12 Inch) Chic

and finally 

4. Because I fucking said so


Lets nick another track while we can Doing It Right Daft Punk.

Love Jules

Bonus from The Hood Internet Kanye West and Daft Punk 

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Yes its true, when rich arseholes like Cameron tells GOOGLE to jump they fucking jump. Not for some moronic Daily Mail inspired idea to stop people typing in bad words into a search engine, but to look after supposed copy-write interests of multinational media corporations.

The deleting of blogs that actually DO support the music industry is almost laughably stupid if it wasnt for the fact that people like JC have put their heart into what they have done  just for love. Sorry getting cross,but  what we write and the connections we make is our fucking copy-write and they have no right to delete it.

As  kids we  used to make mix tapes (often off the radio) we would pass them around, sometimes go to the local record shop to buy the single/ep/lp that our mates had recommend ; this is the same.

Bah fuck them .....

Dont bite the hand that feeds you idiots.

On The bright side The Vinyl Villain has been reborn

Welcome Back

Hell I like the Rumer cover

Love Jules

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Try Next Door

Pop over to Isle of Wight Rock.......

.....................for some Ginger and Fela

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday, 23 May 2013


The Bigger the pill

 The latest copy of UNCUT has a bit about Clinton ( no not that one ..please insert cheap joke.. well you know what I mean )

Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove

Funkadelic Who Says A Funk Band Can`t Play Rock Music

Parliament Chocolate City

Which reminds me of the full page advert in the Telegraph  a few days ago from that nasty piece of work Farage ( UKIP in case I mispelt his name ) (fuck I can spell dyslexia) any road up ,at the end of the plea to get the knuckle dragging Tories to join him he used the phrase "get our country back"......

What a scumbag

After the break   more funk

 Parliament Fantasy Is Reality

Funkadelic Smokey

Funkadelic If You Got Funk You Got Style

Goddam I saw the mothership land in Hammersmith, no honest, not  just drugs


Could explain why I`ve got some of the band attributions wrong... maybe

Oh yes now I do apologize for spelling (track name done from memory)

So lets finish with a steal (homage)

The Gap Band Oops Upside Your Head

and something else

Talking  Heads  Born Under Punches

Love Jules

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Thatcherism never happened, it was just lots of happy funny people having a bit of a joke about those silly working class chaps with flat caps.


Wow! what a weird dream. No more stilton and port for a bit.

But on the bright side....................

Peter Wylie The Day That Margret Thatcher Dies (Party Song)

Elvis Costello Tramp The Dirt Down

In all truth I would never wish death on anyone; but hell, what this women did to our country was nothing short than evil.

Like a lot of lefties from the time...

The Honeybus I Cant` Let Maggie Go

Rest In Peace, Good Riddance and Fuck Off.

Love Jules

P.S. thanks to Hobbsie and Duncan for hints 

Thursday, 21 March 2013



Once a year Osborne will give us a pint of beer (not wine or gin you soft middle class Tory southerners) as long as we drink one pint a day.


Cheers Theme Song

Or on the other hand a lot of the fat bastard Tory donating brewers put their prices up in advance, so real ale bores will whinge on to minimum wage bar staff about their  fucking penny. And no Osborne drinking beer don`t make you a man of the people your still a posh git with no idea about the real world. Twat.

Madvillian One Beer (Drunk Version)

A fine band from the Isle of Wight
The Wayward Sons The Drinking Song

The mighty chop were bloody good at the Barbican; when I eventually found the way in I understood the need for alcohol.
Lambchop Beers Before The Barbican

Lambchop The Man Who Loved Beer

Tom Waits The Piano Has Been Drinking

Mad Dog McRea Am I Drinking Enough

Fidlar Cheap Beer

David Ramirez Drunk

Luke Plumb With James Mackintosh Drunken Landlady/Love At The Endings

Mary Gauthier I Drink

  Champion Jack Dupree

Champion Jack Dupree Drinking And Gambling

Champion Jack Dupree One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

Richard Thompson  God Loves A Drunk

 And maybe so does Buddha.

I could be wrong but I do believe this is a Tibetan monks drinking song.

If not it should be.

Hanggai Drinking Song

And lets not forget

The Dead Kennedys To Drunk To Fuck

And on that (hic!) happy note Good Night and Good Luck