Thursday, 29 June 2017


This Could Be The First Time

The first bit of plastic I ever bought was this from a long long time ago, and its still lurking in a box under my bed.

George Harrison My Sweet Lord

Famously George got done for plagiarism because of the similarity to this  

The Chiffons He`s So Fine

Q. So what else would a kiddy fiddler, soon to be jailbird, and minor musical celebrity do?

A. release a crap cheap track

Johnathan King He`s So Fine / My sweet Lord

George said he was surprised by the "He`s So Fine" accusation because he`d always thought it was appropriated from this 

Edwin Hawkins Singers Oh Happy Day

He had a point

Lets have another version

Soweto Gospel Choir

While King will soon be consigned to trash can of pop stars best forgotten....   


Goodnight and good luck 
Love Jules

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tomorrow Never Knows..

As I drag myself out of the pit

Good Morning Good Morning

Ooh Ooh the sun might be shining

Getting Better


She`s Leaving Home

Aw Fuck sodding reality