Saturday, 31 March 2012

Here Comes Summer

When You went Away

Well I'm glad that's all over; no more sunshine, panic buying and er.. safe Labour seats. Oh well At least Milliand is not as rubbish as Maud. Some nice tunes are needed again ( this ain't working as smoothly as one would hope for but give me time )

Chuck Prophet It's A Summertime Thing

Chicago Saturday In The park

Cousteau Last Good Day Of The Year

But please remember as our favourite physicist / poster boy for women of a certain age / pop star .... Said

Things Can Only Get Better

Love Jules

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Let Them Eat Foie Gras

We're All In This Together

Unlike a Cornish pasty, revenge is best served cold.

So let's vote this shower out when there time runs out, but in the meantime STRIKE screw thier Olympics and don't volunteer for anything that even sniffs of the twat Cameron's big society.

As for the idea that the poor can't have cheap drinks because It upsets the wine bar elite ....

Just look at this scum

Oh; as well Gideons sums don't even add up

The Books Beautiful People

Thank you and Good Night.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm Hearing The Light From The Window

I'm Seeing The Sound Of The Sea

Bill Callahan Sycamore

Ok it's not Rio but a lovely circular guitar which seems fine with this spring weather.

While I'm in a good mood, I will share a donner kebab a can of special brew and a feel of Sam Cams tits for a donation of £9.85.

Big Star Femme Fetale

All the best Jules


Big Audio Dynamite Harrow Road

Good pub, great number and a fine beat combo.

Somehow ive finally managed to put together a post on a Walkman. This bodes well for more random drunk posts as long as I can remember how to do it.

So let's have some more music.

Steely Dan Peg

Ha! Have that, I can beat computers

Love Jules

Thursday, 22 March 2012

It,s Good To Be Back

Sod computers, Sod tubes stuck down you, sod doctors telling you off for drinking and eating curry; for crying out loud

But most of all Sod this nasty pile of steaming excrement misruling this country.

Still trying to use an i~pod ( the fool the fool )

So no pictures or music or videos or anything interesting.

Billy Bragg Fear Is A Mans Best Friend

Well that worked

Let's go for a picture