Saturday, 11 April 2020


Bloody COVID-19

F.A.B. Feat MC No 6 The Prisoner
I have shit loads of cds given away with magazines and papers  (hence the name) also fuck all to do apart from drinking, eating and hosting raves down the rec. so lets have track 6 from 6 random bits of plastic.

News of the World
Easy Sunday Soul  10 sensual soul classics

Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker

Clash Magazine
The Very Best of 2009

Lusine Two Dots

News of the World
Big On 70s

Heatwave Boogie Nights

Top of the World 71

The Mail on Sunday
Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel Don`t Break This Rhythm

The Word
Now Hear This! March 2011

John Watts Perfect Timing

Okay I realise that some of the above publications are/were a bit dodgy but hey the pious prick Gabriel explained he did it to "evolve to one global village" so we hid the MoS inside our Observer.

This lot is really random I have been sorting out my piles of shit in my bedroom so hey lets roll the dice and see you all later

As always Good Luck and Goodnight

Love Jules 

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