Saturday, 24 September 2011

Absolute Beginners

A is for Apple:   but I am  going
Back to Basics ,what is this
Clot on about I here you ask
Don`t know.
Even my good
Friends think I`ve
Halfway to

Any road up;  started looking at my My Top Rated on my ipod

Know nothing about him
Adrian Crowley The Beekeepers Wife

Done this one before but what the hell
Ai Ai Ai Maquinolandera

The clue is in the name
Akoya Afrobeat Star Wars

This a very very good chap (and got a greatest hits cd out)
Alejandro Escoveda Ballard of the Sun and the Moon

Cheeky little Acrtic Monkey from the film Submarine with a Dylan  homage
Alex Turner I`ts Hard To Get Around The Wind

Well if this number dont make you party... your ...........
Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate Sabu Yerkoy

More to follow....