Tuesday, 25 October 2011



This is my first Peel day blog, so here goes

When I was a mere whelp living on the Isle of Wight,  listening to the Peel show was more than just music, it was a dream. We made our tapes, played them till dead and some times swapped them; and most annoyingly of all played the in the street.

Most of all though was a feeling of being part of something big that really meant more than our humdrum lives.
And guess what, we were. 

Thank you John Peel.

love Jules   

Mind you the music wasn`t too bad.

My Bloody Valentine I Can See It

The Pouges Danny Boy 

Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia  Ode 

The White Stripes Little Room / The Union Forever 

Sunday, 16 October 2011


  My unpaid advisor has been giving me a few tips about "A" words;
but as we were not in the flat at the same time and he`s not being
paid cash by gun runners I shall ignore him.  

AlisonGoggins  Doc Royal 

Alphabet  Heatwave 

America  Horse With No Name 

Amsterdam Kiezmer Band  Marusja

Andre Williams  Jail Bait 

Angelic Upstarts  Teenage Warning 

Anita Bryant   Till There Was You

Anjulie  Fuck You

Anthony Smith`s Trunk Fulla Funk  Freaky Revalations

Antibalas  I. C. E. 

Antonio Carlos Jobm & Elis Regina  Aguas de Marco

Arcade Fire  Crown Of Love

Ariel Pink`s Haunted Graffiti   Round And Round

Art Neville & The Meters   Bo Diddley

Arthur Russell  That`s Us/Wild Combination 

Astrud Gilberto  Black Magic

The Atariis  The Boys Of Summer