Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tapes are killing music

And new stuff is doing my effing head in

Stupidly being trying to use an ipod touch to blog with (twit) but what the hell

Sat at my bar stool, staring blankly at the other drinkers, chatting and socialising  while I carry on with this fruitless excersise ... then somebody walks in, has a little chat, buys me a cider ; later an old girlfriend gives me a kiss and asks how I`m doing.
Some classic jazz is playing in the background which is good, a stag party comes in make a noise, complain about the music and leave, which is also good.
The barman enquires how I`m getting on with my new piece of technology ; fine I lie and swear at it. He later offers me a lift home.
Things aint that bad.

The Billy Taylor Trio I Wish That I Knew (How It Felt To Be Free)

Love Jules