Thursday, 16 April 2020


Usual stuff with an Easter egg most foul

This is how the dice roll

The Word
Now Hear This April 2010

Turin Breaks The Invitation

Cool Summer Vol. 6 June 2007

Odd name to type when a bit ham fisted and a so so track

Bob James Gulangyu Island

"This Sh*t Is Immortal"

Interpol Roland

Clash Playlist December 2008

Binario Funeral

The Wire Tapper 23

Aaron Martin  Water Tongue

As excepted from wire

Radio Bob 15 Brilliant Tracks From Dylan`s Theme Time Radio Hour

Now this is more like it

Bukka White  Fixin' To Die

Bonus track No 11

Mary Gauthier I Drink

Not a duff one on the cd

Might put up the other 13...

Bonus Bonus Track

A couple of presenters on Radio 5 Live were prattling on about Bobs new release and did not get it  "what we need is happy music not this miserable dirge" they chuckled because they are the surfers of the zeitgeist and then played Reasons To Be  Cheerful.

God this is why I drink (see above)

Bob Dylan Murder Most Foul

Go the full 17 minuets and repeat, trust me.

Goodnight and Good Luck

Love " hic " Jules

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