Saturday, 30 April 2016


The Dexys Have A New Album Coming Soon

This version of a classic is so so so brilliant just keep it on loop

Dexys Both Sides Now

Click here for good stuff and stuff

It reminds one of the masterpiece that was My Beauty

OK we know the sleeve caused problems for some knuckle dragging retards ( Fuck them )
but this such a great album, not a duffer on it

This is a cracker

Kevin Rowlands Its Getting Better

So is the original

Mama Cass Its Getting Better

Oh Shit nearly forgot the best rendition of the Mitchell classic

Leonard Nimoy Both Sides Now

Live Long And Prosper

Love Jules

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Boys On Film

Will Smith was in a couple of great/shit/dumb comedy scfi films back in the day that had  one thing in common....

The Promo Music Video

And these two are just great fun

The source material is much much better

Men In Black

Makes you want to run down to BLOCKBUSTERS and  rent a VHS

Patrice Rushen Forget Me Nots 

Wild Wild West

Need to click the link below to see the vid

If you can be bothered you will enjoy a great cameo by

Stevie Wonder I Wish

One last what track could link William And Smith?

The Smiths William It Was Really Nothing

Thats it 

Goodnight and Goodluck


Friday, 15 April 2016


Who Are You?
we are
The Bitchin Bajas

Sadly not a clue considering they have been all over the media for the last few years,  but good old Will Oldham has dragged me in.....

.....Yep its another collaboration

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy May Your Life Throw You A Pleasant Curve

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy Show Your Love And Your Love Will Be Returned

And from the Shirlely Collins tribute album

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy Pretty Saro (Trad)

And hey, why not have some of thier own stuff

Bitchin Bajas Bueu

Bitchin Bajas Marimba

And so to bed

but not without a Mariah Carey cover 

Will Oldham Can`t Take That Away

Goodnight and Good luck

Love Jules

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Alphabet Soup


A year ago I was doing some alphabetical stuff but for reasons beyond my control (alcohol and sadly some meningitis related childhood brain damage) I aint that organised


Oh Shit this is great but goes bonkers at the end

Jackie Leven & Ian Rankin Irresistible Romance

J.Period & K`Naan Johnny Was

Get the whole shit here The Messengers

John Prine Lake Marie

Another lost great

Jesse Winchester Mississippi Your`e On My Mind

Jeffery Broussand And The Creole Cowboys Motordude Special

Joe Henry Our Song

John Cale Paris 1919

Junior Murvin Police & Thieves

Josh Rouse Quiet Town

Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer Redemption Song

Joe Strummer Road To Rock `N` Roll

Johnny Clegg Scatterlings Of Africa

Ah Hell these are all classics

Just enjoy

Love Jules