Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Here we go again, there is only one thing to do ....STRIKE     we all know it will cost and be inconvenient but thats the bloody point. So STRIKE.

The Flaming Lips Fight Test

This jolly little chump means the best, but has fallen in amongst a bad crowd.

Bollocks   Gideon Oliver Osborne  ( he changed Gideon to George because it made him sound like a toffee-nosed tory git. or something like that ) is a nasty ruthless bastard who understands class war and is waging it on us. Do not trust him or the rest of Eton toffs screwing this country  they have just one agenda;

" payback time  for you uppity working classes , we will now crap on you from a great height, scum "

 Hey whats not to hate?

Jarvis Cocker C**ts Are Still Running The World


Love Jules

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