Saturday, 12 November 2011


Bloody hell, it`s time for some more alphabetical
Bullshit. I am not so sure about pop
But  apart from
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Beach Boys
Blondie and
Boyzone its a
Bugger, the classical boys have it
Beethoven et al.

Bedazzled I may may be,
But let the fightback


Badly Drawn Boy Thunder Road

O.K. I Know .... not really a guitar driven cover of The Boss but  it  means well.

Bambi Bambi Rain Song

In my own defence this stuff is driven by the constaints of my I-Pods top rated playlist.

Bana Congo  Sandokan

Well at least some guitars

Now for a real four piece rock band

The Banana Splits The Tra La La Song

Back to life, back to reality

The Band I Shall Be Released

Thats more like it boys and girls, and so is this

The Band From County Hell  Late Lost Souls

            ...... and here they do The Pouges

(Late Lost Souls  was on the latest  Rock-n-Reel CD have a look,  its a great mag for fans by fans)

I would like to remind you dear reader this post is driven my I-Pod...

The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian

Nice tune a tad dated maybe, but sodding hell bet you didn`t see this lot coming

Barry Gray U.F.O.

Followed by

Basement Jaxx Raindrops

And to finish tonights ramble before we move on to the BE.... words

The B.B.C. Raidiophonic Workshop Doctor Who (Original Theme)

Goodnight and sweet dreams.


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