Thursday, 9 February 2017



Its my age but the idea of going to TKMAXX (or something like that) to buy some pillows is getting me quite excited.

The Beatles I'm So Tired

The Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn

If only one could sent to the loving arms of Morpheus like this

Tom Waits On The Nickel

The Pogues Lullaby Of London

Tom Waits Midnight Lullaby

The Beatles  I'm Only Sleeping

Ringo singing to Julian Lennon

The Beatles Good Night

Grumpy Fuck when alive

Good Night, Good Luck & Sweet Dreams

Love Jules


  1. Hope the shopping expedition has led to better sleeps of an evening.

    Can I be allowed to whisper......I don't like The Beatles all that much. I have tried.

  2. JC - Here's some gossip about Jules; he is/was the biggest Beatles fan. Oh sure, he likes to display his taste for obscure Americana and weird Hampshire folksongs, but in private he likes to put on his girlfriend's best dress, open a tin of cat food and listen to George Harrison's 'Electronic Sounds' LP, sometimes followed by a gin fuelled Wings session and a drunken eBay search for low number White Album vinyl...How do I know this, you ask? I am his brother. I know everything.