Friday, 16 January 2015

Elegy For Johnny Cash


The Cheeky monkey Jim (AKA The Vinyl Villain) (Two shit words to spell when your dyslexic as it happens) ( Er.. why is dyslexic easy and thier/their aint?)...

What was I saying?

Any way The VV is starting a series of stuff from cover mount CDS from  MUSIC MAGAZINES.

HA! Top Trump This

From The Word March 2012, A bonus disc to boot 

Jackie Leven

Another Man's Rain

Friendship Between Men & Women

Heartsick Land

King Of The Barley

Men In Prison

Night Lilies

Oliver Blues


Tied-Up House

Universal Blue

Working Alone / A Blessing

Jackie Leven and Ian Rankin

The Haunting Of John Rebus

Irresistible Romance

Jackie Leven & Michael Cosgrave

To Live And Die In Levenland

Bonus track

Elegy for Johnny Cash

Now thats better than NEW ORDER covers.


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