Thursday, 11 September 2014

Love Will Tear Us Apart


Beheading seems all the rage at the moment, a while back the sight of a severed head would be a bit of a surprise but nowadays you have to take care not to trip over one on the way back from the chippy. I suppose like all fads ( Hula Hoops, Clackers and Voting UKIP ) it will fade away, not before a bit of work is done on some of the Windsors though.

As for the Jocks....well I ask you....

Decapitating the UK!

You selfish bastards pissing off and leaving us with Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

OK I see your point but you'll be left with Salmond.

And as for music...

Andy Stewart
Sheena Easton
Rod Stewart
The entire Song By Toad  back catalogue
 and of course
All The Vinyl Villains Scottish Singles

Er.......Thats It

Apart from some other stuff

Jackie Leven  Elegy For Johnny Cash

Finlay MacDonald and lots of other bods  Arthur Bignold

Salsa Celtica Cumbia Celtica

Dochas (with Julie Fowlis) Cha d`Fhuair Mi`n Cadal

 Always Plan Ahead 

Aw Hell !    please don't go, get it out of your system,  just lop off the head of a random royal, a few Tories and Farage and call it a day.

Be Seeing You


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  1. Very amusing stuff Jules. Let's agree to offer one another political asylum if required....