Thursday, 1 May 2014


Chuck E. Weiss
(oh, and Johnny Depp)

Chuck E.Weiss Boston Blackie

He`s got an album out called "Red Beans And Weiss" (with executive producers Mr Waits and Mr Depp). 
 The title of which is a crap pun from the Tom Waits tune that name checks him.....

Rickie Lee Jones  Chuck E`s In Love

Oh bless.

Another Tom Waits classic from Small Change

Tom Waits Tom Traubert`s Blues

As for Rod the Mod`s version .....

He can pick a tune, sing, and perform but it don't seem right. Hey what do I know ? 10,000,000 grannies cant be wrong.

Off for a glass of sanatogen and a lie down


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