Thursday, 20 March 2014


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Two rock legends covering a classic sea shanty, got to be something to look forward to.....

Tom Waits And Keith Richards Shenandoah

..... Well it sort of starts of OK ish,  then Keith`s magnificent rock and roll voice kicks in. Wow! never guessed such a great concept would be such a car crash, sodding awful.

This is how you do a "Rogues Gallery" sea shanty.

The Valparaiso Men`s Chorus Hanging Johnny

The Fishermans Friends had a flurry of interest with Shanties a little while back, and fair play to them, well ruffty tuffty seamen need some distraction on those long trips away from their loved ones.



Lets have another classic, this time from...

Bellowhead  Haul Away (Live)

I think that's probably enough of that stuff for a bit

Love Jules

P.S. Other versions of Shenandoah are also available 

Dave Alvin Shenandoah 


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