Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Random Access Memories/Thoughts

Well the computer is working a bit better now, seems no free space on the hard drive isn't a good thing, who would of thought?

Electronica  Getting Away With It

More reliable technology

The Titanic pub in Southampton does a book swap (along with hosting some more esoteric events) but one regular has donated some tapes and some portable cassette players.....

Yep! I can now listen to my original tape single walking down the street. Cool.
And this is it

Bow Wow Wow C30! C60! C90! Go!

Its a tad wet in the south of England but its not a  global tradegy

Helen Shapiro It Might As Well Rain Until September

Prince Lavaux

Seems the little chap did a popup show last night in Camden, Oh Joy.

Stargard Which Way Is Up?

 A Cracking  Norman Whitfield produced number from a long time ago , but worth making it to the freak out middle .

And Finally

Transport Policy

XTC River Of Orchids


 The Weepies I Was Made For Sunny Days

Sorry cheap joke, the RMT are fighting for important issues, a delay commuting aint the end of the world.

More Daft Punk next time.

Love Jules

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