Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ex Beatles Having A Go


Well That`s OK Ringo, but what is the Boogaloo that has been pissing you off ?

Back off Boogaloo
I said
Back off Boogaloo
Come on
Back off Boogaloo

Your best bet is to grin, make a peace sign and count the money.

George on the other hand started all the charity concert stuff  with "The Concert For Bangladesh" which not only highlighted the plight of the country it also politicized some stoners.

George Harrison Bangladesh

Now we come to John;  The Thinker, The Revolutionary and The Prat.

This is one of the most embarrassing protest songs ever

John Lennon Women Is The Nigger Of The World

Oh Dear

Shall we now  move on to the edgy one

 Hi Hi Hi

Banned by the BBC for sexual and drug references

Paul McCartney and Wings Give Ireland Back To The Irish

Banned by the BBC for the politics

After two bans on the run Macca came back with a perfect protest song 

Ban this if you can...

Paul McCartney and Wings Mary Had A Little Lamb

Love Jules

Bonus Tracks

George Give Me Love 
All Things Must Pass

Paul Band On The Run

Goodnight and Goodluck


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  1. Ha! I keep telling people Paul was the edgy one and they laugh....xxxxDuncan