Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Ungrateful Dead


Yep I`ve dragged my lazy arse back to the laptop (forgotten how this stuff works, but hey).

The living dead in pop songs aint as odd as it seems, folk and country is littered with singing corpses; but as a weird sub genre,70`s - 80`s anti war ( ok anti American ) singing dead soldier numbers is kinda fun.

This is such an Americana classic with a twist ending

Laura Cantrell Love Vigilantes

And the twist ending is...

The original

New Order Love Vigilantes 

I first heard the Laura Cantrell version and was bowled over, then found out it was New Order, well I`ll go to the bottom of the stairs.

Iron And Wire Love Vigilantes

Another body bag, yodeling yank, soldier song.

 Even Billy Bragg understands a dead cowboy Everywhere

And who could forget...

Warren Zevon

 Love Jules

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